Scott Smith Alumni Game – 2012

2012 Game – November 21,  2012

2012 Roster and Players

Gray Team Blue Team
1 Ryan Bahniuk 2007 1 Henry Albers 2008 Capt
2 Michael Black 2007 2 Michael McDonald 2012 Capt
3 Peter Black 2005 Capt 4 Joe Kemp 2004 Capt
4 John Kemp 2009 Capt 5 Taylor Morgan 2010
5 Joe Brogan 2011 6 Jon Klingel 2006
6 Brian Lemek 2005 7 Kevin Leffew 2013
7 Justin Butler 2011 8 Paul Fritz Coach
8 Kyle Chadwick 2013 Capt 9 Mike Mousseau Coach
9 Davey Chadwick 2011 Capt 11 Kevin McNamara 2004
10 Martin McNamara 2009 12 AJ Minite 2004
11 Michael Marcus 2009 13 Nick Bliss Coach
12 Jim Greeves 2003 15 Dan Houck Coach
15 Aaron Lerner 2005 16 Patrick Hall 2010
16 Andrew Maksimovich 2007 17 A.J. Taylor 2012 Asst
17 Michael Roche 2013 18 Vince Vaghi 2004
18 Brendan McNamara 2007 20 John Pasccarelli
19 Jeff Plamondon 2013 Asst Capt 22 Devin Drewyer 2010 Capt
20 Jim Plamondon 1981 23 Doug Donnellan 2005
21 Peter Plamondon 1977 24 Cole Taylor 2014
22 Scott Melby 2011
23 Matt Smith 2003
Goalies Goalies
25 Jack Ring 2013 3 Kenny Smith
24 Corey Wawalski 2008 25 P.J. McNamara 2012 Asst


2012 Scott Smith Award – John Marcus

John Marcus – 2012 Scott Smith Volunteer Award Winner

John Marcus - 2012 Scott Smith Award Winner

John Marcus – 2012 Scott Smith Award Winner

As a Detroit-area native, John grew-up skating on the backyard rinks and frozen ponds of Michigan. John would describes himself as a die-hard fan of the Red Wings and of Hockey Night in Canada. As he grew older, John played organized youth hockey in Detroit and also in high school.

John matriculated to John Carroll University (Jesuit) where there was no club hockey. Undaunted, John began to play rugby and did so for 14 years: first in college, then in graduate school, and finally played club Rugby here in the Washington, DC area.

John’s greatest hockey experience was the four years his son Michael attended Prep. During the first two years, John assisted Peter Black, and then became the varsity manager during Michael’s last two years.

During that time, John tirelessly transformed the manager’s position. Among his many accomplishments as manager include his working with the local media, greatly enhanced team communications, leading all other sports at Prep by actively engaging players AND parents in weekly “Hockey Newsletters” covering all topics relevant to the team. John also developed the first “manager’s book”, ensuring that lessons learned were captured and providing continuity through the years.

2012 – Scott Smith Outstanding Alumni Award – Henry Albers ’08

Henry Albers – Varsity Hockey Captain, Georgetown Prep Class of 2008

Henry Albers - 2012 Scott Smith Alumni Award Winner

Henry Albers – 2012 Scott Smith Alumni Award Winner

Henry’s years playing on the Prep hockey team were defined by hard work, leading by example, centering a strong two-way line, and most importantly, being selected Varsity team Captain, proudly wearing the “C” during his senior season. Henry’s leadership style evoked a strong and positive response from his team, which played in the most competitive-ever IAC and MAPHL in Prep’s history.

Of his impressive qualities, Henry’s “never quit” attitude best exemplifies his life to date. As chronicled in the Prep hockey history: Perhaps one of the most memorable outings for Prep hockey during Henry’s senior year was an away game vs. Baltimore power Calvert Hall at the Mt. Pleasant arena. Trailing 2-1 with only half a period to go in the contest, Henry Albers single-handedly rallied his team, telling them that the Hoyas were not going to lose the game. Then, in Mark Messier fashion, Henry helped fulfill his rallying cry by drilling the game-tying goal that reversed the momentum of a game that became a thrilling upset in a 3-2 comeback victory over the powerful Cardinals.

Upon graduation from Georgetown Prep, Henry matriculated to the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg Virginia. Majoring in Finance, Henry continued to demonstrate his impressive work ethic by graduating summa cum laude. Henry is now an Investment Banker working for Morgan Stanley. He resides in New York City.

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