Interactive Calendar

This interactive schedule is the most reliable way to check times for games, practices and team events.  You can be notified of events by e-mail or SMS text by requesting inclusion on the automatic reminders list.  If you do this, you will need to set your alert settings.

For the Game Schedule ONLY visit the Game Schedules Page.

Viewing Modes – There are 3 modes:  1.) Monthly Calendar mode is the best for a schedule overview.  2.) Weekly Calendar Mode or 3.) Agenda Mode, which generates a list of dates and event information.  You can change the view to make it more convenient to read details by clicking on “Agenda”.  If you use Google, you can add this calendar to your own Google calendar and get Instant Real-Time updates!

You may also receive reminders and updates via e-mail by clicking on the

at the bottom of this page.  Then select the drop down arrow next to your calendar.  The pop-up allows you to send yourself notifications.

Import Instructions – Add this calendar to YOUR Google calendar

It is already a Google calendar – so you don’t have to import it from the spreadsheet. The process is:

1.) From the web – go to Google Calendar. If you don’t have your own, create your user ID and password (You don’t have to have Google calendar to view the Calendar on the website)
2.) On the bottom left portion of the Google Calendar page, you will see a section titled “Other Calendars.” Click on it
3.) Click on “Add a friend’s calendar”
4.) This brings up a box for an email address
5.) Type in:
6.) Click “Add”
7.) The calendar should now be included on your calendar as well (it may give you an option to choose a separate color).

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