By TJ Prame 01/28/2019, 9:15pm EST

The Hoyas played at home this Friday when taking on their IAC opponents at St. Albans. It was also senior night for Prep, and the Hoyas thanked the seniors who have contributed to the team. Prep started out behind but quickly tied up the score with James Flannery scoring a nice goal to put the Hoyas on the board. The first period ended tied, but with Prep having nearly twice as many goals. The Hoyas went into the second period hopeful, but a questionable call that led to 5 minutes of man down play hurt the Hoyas and gave St. Albans the opportunity to put another goal on the board. The Hoyas and St. Albans went into the third neck and neck, with the score being tied 3-3 at one point, but St. Albans managed to pull away with a fourth goal and a fifth empty net. The Hoyas look to next week when they take on Spalding on Wednesday.

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