Prep Back on Top – Hoyas Best St. Paul’s 5 – 2

Click to view video highlights of the game – many thanks to Radomir Zamurovic:


Prep’s long bus trip north to Baltimore to challenge St. Paul’s paid off with a solid 5 – 2 victory.  If not for St. Paul’s practically impenetrable goalie, Prep would have trounced St. Paul’s even more soundly.  With 80 shots on goal – not a typo, eighty! – Prep managed to sneak 5 goals by to St. Paul’s 2.  Freshman Johnny Mac Mulera scored his first Prep varsity goal.  The win was truly a team effort with a single goal each for Michael Melch (’16), Assistant Captain Lazar Zamurovic (’14), Captain Cole Taylor (’14) and Jack Olson (’15), and assists by Assistant Captain Matt Billings (’14)(two assists), Jack Olson (1 assist), Max Newnam (’17) (1 assist) and Cole Taylor (1 assist).  Strong defense kept St. Paul’s to a measly 9 shots on goal, all but two of which goaltender Barry Leese dispatched with ease.

Varsity’s next matchup is Friday December 13th against Spalding at Piney Orchard.

St. Paul game photos:

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