The Season Begins – Tryouts this week

From tryouts:

from Churchill Scrimmage:

Monday, 11/11 tryouts at Rockville, 4:40pm; bus from Boland at 3:40pm.

Tuesday, no practice; concussion testing makeup in computer lab at 3:30pm.

Wednesday, 11/13 tryouts at Rockville, 5:40pm; bus from Boland at 4:40pm.

Thursday, 11/14, all teams practice at Rockville, 4:30pm; bus from Boland at 3:30pm.

Friday, 11/15, ONLY V1 team practice at Cabin John, 6:15pm; bus from Boland at 5:30pm.

Sunday, 11/17, all teams practice at Cabin John, 6:45pm; bus from Boland at 6pm.



Fun Fact of the week: former GP ice hockey player Justin Butler leads his ASU ACA team in scoring; check it out:

Go Justin – we are proud of you!

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