2009 to 2011: The Early Years of Prep Hockey

Georgetown Prep Hockey – Program History

From 1990 – 2011

By Dave Chadwick (Davey ’11, Kyle ’13)


Georgetown Prep hockey began as a thought in the minds of some real visionaries. These visionaries placed their hopes in the hands of a number of accomplished leaders that coached Prep hockey throughout the years. The below summary of Prep hockey’s rich and storied history is a snapshot of the whole story. It is by design incomplete, but it is hoped that the history provided herein will help bring back the inspiring memories of those games, practices, rushes up ice, slapshots, thunderous checks, face-offs, game-winning goals, and team camaraderie that is Prep hockey.

Prep hockey would like to offer many thanks to the individuals that contributed to this rendering, especially the four outstanding varsity head coaches of the program: Kyran Kennedy, Kevin Charles, Brian Maloney, and Sean O’Leary. In addition, our thanks are extended to numerous former players and assistant coaches that contributed as well, among them: Tony Gray, JP Hyland, Rory Hyland, Paul McGonagle, Bill Slater, CJ Kemp, Joey Kemp, and Pat Winter. Last, it would have been impossible to create and sustain a viable hockey program without the continuous support and assistance of Georgetown Prep Athletic Director Dan Paro, and former Georgetown Prep President, Rev. William George, S.J., who remains one of the Prep Hockey’s greatest fans and supporters.

The Prep history below is organized chronologically by coaching tenure. Each coach has made a significant and progressive mark on the Prep hockey program, and successive coaches have built further upon the foundation that they received from their predecessors. Clearly, the players and coaches of today have benefited greatly from those coaches and players that preceded them. The result of these efforts continues to be a highly competitive Prep hockey program that consistently enjoys success on and off the ice. Enjoy the walk down memory lane!

The Early Years (1990-1996)

Kyran Kennedy who worked in the Prep Development Office, was Prep’s first-ever varsity coach and formed the Prep hockey program. In 1989, Prep students John Connell, Joe McCormick, and Steve Redonovic approached School Counselor Rick Robinson and Kyran Kennedy about forming a hockey program. Kyran and Rick set about to lay the groundwork to develop the program, resulting in the first practice taking place on November, 13, 1990 at 6:15 am in the Wheaton Outdoor rink. This marked the beginning of Prep hockey. It was still the early days, and back then parents were permitted to drive students to the rink. One invaluable parent that donated considerable time to performing the shuttle van duty was Bob Dunn, who deserves gratitude for his dedication to Prep hockey.

At the time of Prep hockey’s formation, there were only a handful of high school hockey teams in the area, and Prep played each team 2 times per season. In the program’s second year there were 11-12 teams total, comprising a mixture of private and public schools. Prep played these teams, including Baltimore teams: Gilman, Calvert Hall, Centennial, and Mount St. Joseph. Locally, Prep played DeMatha and Good Counsel. In the early years, about 14 players would typically attend team tryouts. Among this hearty lot, only a few players had hockey experience or had developed skating skills. Opposition teams tended to be really strong, or in development mode. As an example, one season DeMatha had 3 different teams and Prep had one team. At one point Churchill had some juniors on their team and could dominate. But when Prep would play Good Counsel or Gonzaga, games were generally competitive.

Of note is that Prep participated in Gonzaga’s inaugural Purple Puck tournament, and has participated in the Purple Puck tournament every year since. Prep’s initial rival was probably Good Counsel as the games were competitive. In addition, Landon didn’t have a team until the 1992-1993 season and at the time there was no hockey division in the Interstate Athletic Conference (IAC). Games were played at Cabin John and the Wheaton Outdoor rink.

The first Prep jersey was a simple blue mesh with a grey GP logo and plain numbers on the back. In the third season, Prep outfitted its players with home and away jerseys and went to a higher quality jersey with a raised crest. The Maryland Scholastic Hockey League (MSHL) began play in the 1989-90 season, with Prep joining the league in its second year. Pete Plamondon, Sr. was a major sponsor to the nascent program, providing seed money to keep the program on the ice. At the time, Georgetown Prep did not consider Prep hockey “varsity”, but rather “club” status. Varsity status came two years later for the 1992-1993 season. Prep did not win a game during the first two years when they were a club program.

In Prep’s first season, John Kelly was among the initial players in the program that had previously played organized hockey prior to donning the Prep blue and gray. During 1992-1993, Prep’s first year of varsity status, team Captain Tom Murphy was a strong leader and set the example for the team with his work ethic. During this season the now out-of-print Montgomery Journal ran a major story on Prep hockey, talking about the program and highlighting the Saturday off-ice practices in the lower gym of the old field house. During this third season, Prep won its first-ever hockey game on December 11, 1992, beating Mount St. Joseph’s “white” team 7-5. Also in this third season, Prep played a game in the outdoor rink at College Park, and for the first time on record, actually attracted a large Prep following.

In 1993-1994 the MSHL was divided into a northern and southern conference as the league expanded. Prep won its second game during this season, finishing with a 1-8 overall MSHL record. This year saw Gonzaga initiate the Purple Puck tournament and Prep took part. In fact, Prep has participated in this tournament every year since, and continues to do so. In 1994-1995 Scott Bergson was selected as MSHL second team southern conference All- Star, becoming the first Prep player to receive such an honor. At this point, the MSHL had expanded yet again, to 27 teams. Prep finished 2-1 at the Purple Puck during this season, and finished 1-9 in the MSHL. Prep formed its first junior varsity team this season, showing that hockey had attracted a following among students in the yard. During the 1995-1996 season, Joe McCormick, a former Captain of the Prep team, returned to help coach the team. Prep won a pre-season tournament this season, and finished December of the year with a 4-1 record, marking the best-ever start for the team. Prep hockey finished close to .500 by the end of the season, its best-ever finish and setting the stage for continuing growth and success in the program. Assistant coaches during this timeframe were Bill Donovan, Joe McCormick, and Bill Slater.

The Golden Years (1996-2001)

Kevin Charles assumed the head coach responsibilities as Prep hockey continued to evolve. The team practiced at Wheaton Outdoor. Now closed, the Wheaton Outdoor rink was truly that, it was “outside”. It had a roof but no walls. Wind would sail in the sides along with leaves and other particulate matter. Interestingly, Prep hockey practiced at Wheaton on and off until 2008. The outside practice was typically at 6 am during 1995-97, so it is not hard to imagine the freezing cold temperatures that teams endured to play Prep hockey. However, the players were warmed by their dedication and love of the game. By 1998, Prep began practicing at the Rockville rink, which was not only inside, but which also offered practice times in the late afternoon after school (vice at 6 am)! In the late 1990s, the team took an annual trip to play the Lawrenceville School. During one of the trips, the boys watched the famous hockey movie Slap Shot. At the time, none of the boys had ever seen the movie. The bus rolled with laughter all the way back to Prep. Interestingly, in November, 2011 the team also viewed Slap Shot on the bus enroute home from the pre-Christmas game trip to Philadelphia and Delaware. Also during this era (circa ’99-2000) the team had a few practices on the frozen C&O canal at Macarthur and Brickyard in Potomac, wearing full pads and with the goalies in portable lax nets…unreal fun for coaches and players alike in the typically mild winter Mid-Atlantic region.

One particular memory from this era shared by Patrick Winter was the game against DeMatha during either his junior or senior year (1996-1997 or 1997-1998). Although Prep lost the game by a score of 6-4, the score was even at 3-3 going into the third period. In the previous three seasons, DeMatha’s average margin of victory over Prep was in the neighborhood of 10 goals. In this context, losing 6-4 was a moral victory for Prep.

More Highlights from the Golden Years: The year is uncertain, but sometime during this era, Scott Smith selected home and away Prep hockey jerseys from the Hockey Stop. In 1995, Prep played in the Thanksgiving tournament at Frederick and made it to the finals at Wheaton Regional tournament. In 1996 Coach Charles had his entire hockey bag and equipment stolen while at a Christmas party on Capitol Hill. The team all chipped in $30 each and Kevin received all new equipment from his players. In 2000, Prep achieved a memorable feat by beating number one ranked Churchill with team Captain Scott Lee scoring a natural hat trick during the game. During the same game, Joey Kemp received the ire of the Churchill fans for wearing yellow gloves. Joey Greeves starred in net for Prep in this 5-4 thriller, and enjoyed it even more due his close friend being a Churchill player. John Tobacco was a formidable goalie during his time during this era. In 2000 Prep lost to Archbishop Spalding in the quarter- finals of the Maryland State tournament. Prep had the game tied near the end, but late goals by a strong Spalding team sealed Prep’s fate. In the same year (2000) Prep moved John Pasquarillo to forward from defense after losing to a better Wootton team early in the season. The move worked; late in season Prep beat Wootton in a thrilling 9-8 contest. In Coach Charles’ last year (2000), Prep beat Oakton and pummeled Bishop O’Connell in the Purple Puck semi-finals, but was defeated by Gonzaga in finals. The Finalist trophy was presented to Prep by Peter Bondra of the Washington Capitals. Prep was ranked no. 3 in Maryland at the end of the 2000-2001 season. Standout players during this time period included the Hyland brothers: Rory and JP, Brian Boland, Will Booher, Drew Saelens, Alex Roe, Matt Smith, Trevor Casey, Zach Fulton (hardest hitter ever), CJ Kemp, Joey Kemp, Phil O’Donaghue, John Pasquarillo, Joe Greeves in goal (and his brother), John Tobacco and Pat Winter in goal, Shawn Markely, Justin and Kyle Keller and others too numerous to mention. Assistant coaches during this timeframe were Chris Skinner, Paul McGonagle, Chris Winter, Tony Gray, and Brian Maloney.

Spotlight: Nikita Kashirsky Nikita’s brother Egor emailed Coach Charles. Upon receipt of the email, Kevin thought it was someone’s attempt at humor, but he soon determined that the request was for real. Nikita’s plan was to develop his hockey skills through the Washington Little Caps, but his brother insisted that Nikita really wanted to attend Prep. Soon thereafter, Prep received video and written testimonials of Nikita’s hockey skill from Russian coaches of the famous Moscow-Dynamo program. The video spoke for itself, and Nikita ultimately came to Prep, playing for Brian Maloney’s teams. Playing in just two seasons with the Hoyas, Nikita’s speed and skill resulted in his scoring an amazing 55 goals along with 30 assists, for an incredible two-year run of 85 total points. Nikita is Prep’s first hockey player to turn professional, joining the ECHL South Carolina Stingrays after attending Norwich University. Nikita is on the roster of the American Hockey League (AHL) Hershey Bears and currently playing for the Gwinnett Gladiators of the ECHL. He is property of the NHL Washington Capitals.

Growth and Prominence Years (2001-2007)

Brian Maloney became Prep’s third varsity head coach, taking over from Kevin Charles.

2001-2002 Season: This was the first year that hockey was an official IAC sport, and it marked the first-ever winning season for Prep hockey. At the time, there was no IAC tournament as there is today. Rather, the IAC championship was solely based upon won-lost record vs. other teams. The Landon game took place later in the season and was considered by many to be the de facto “championship”. This year, Prep defeated Landon during the season by a score of 4-1, beginning the growth and prominence era of Prep hockey, built upon the foundation of the previous years. In the Purple Puck tournament, Prep made it to the finals, before losing 5-3 to Landon. In the MSHL playoffs Prep lost 6-5 to St. Mary’s in the quarter-finals. Phil O’Donoghue was selected as second team All-met, and Brian Boland was selected as honorable mention All-Met. Record: 13-5

2002-2003: Prep made it to the Purple Puck final again for the second straight year, this time defeating Gonzaga 4-3 in OT for the first Purple Puck championship in Prep history. Trevor Casey (team captain) scored the game-winning goal. After beating Landon 3-2 earlier in the season, Prep lost to the Bears in the de facto IAC championship game, 8-2. In the MSHL playoffs, Prep defeated Gonzaga 2-0 in the quarterfinals. In MSHL semi-finals, Prep was defeated by Mount St. Joseph, 4-1. Kyle Keller was the first player to be named first team All-met for the Hoyas. Nikita Kashirsky was named to the second team All-met, and Trevor Casey was given honorable mention. Record: 16-4-1

2003-2004: Prep advanced to the Purple Puck semi-finals, losing to Langley 3-2. In the MSHL, Prep was selected as one of 16 teams for the playoffs. In the first game, Prep defeated Bishop O’Connell in an exciting shootout, by a 2-1 score. In the quarterfinals, Prep was defeated 5-3 by Mount St. Joseph’s. Nikita Kashirsky was named first team All-met, and captain Joey Kemp was given honorable mention. Record: 12-7-2.

2004-2005: This season Prep returned to the Purple Puck semi-finals before losing to Gonzaga, 4-0. Prep finished second in the IAC, which featured wins over Landon 3-1 and IAC champion Bullis 1-0. The Hoyas then fell in the quarterfinals of the MSHL playoffs to Bullis, 4-2. Senior captain Peter Black made second team All-met, and goalie Jason Maggio earned honorable mention. Record: 11-5-5

2005-2006: The Hoyas skated to Purple Puck finals before losing 3-2 to O’Connell in triple overtime. This season marked the first year that IAC hockey added a tournament. Prep finished second during the regular season, but won the IAC tournament with a 3-2 defeat of the Landon Bears. The Hoyas and the Bears were co-champions for the season. This season also marks the first time that Prep defeated DeMatha, besting the Stags 2-1. The Hoyas lost to the Stags, 5-2, in a rematch during the MSHL quarterfinals. Jason Maggio was the first Hoyas’ goalie to be named first team All-met. Junior Nick Petersen earned honorable mention honors. Record: 16-6

2006-2007: Once more, Prep made its way to the Purple Puck Finals, and again the Hoyas were defeated by O’Connell 4-3. Prep also returned to the IAC tournament finals but was defeated by Bullis 3-0. Prep finished second in the IAC. This season boasted two wins over arch-rival Landon by 6-1 and 4-1 margins. Nick Petersen was named first team All-Met, and Corey Walwaski was recognized with honorable mention. The team was defeated in the MSHL quarterfinals by Mount St. Joseph, 6-3. Record: 16-7-1.

Assistant coaches during this period: Tim Healy: 2001-2004, Paul McGonagle: 2001-2007, Edward Henneberry: 2002-2003, Dan Hegarty: 2004-2007, Adam Lusin: 2004-2007

Spotlight – Nick Petersen

Nick came to us from Canada as a sophomore transfer and immediately began to blaze a three-year trail that resulted in his ultimate selection after his senior season as a Washington Post first team All-Met hockey player. In three seasons with the Hoyas, Nick scored an amazing 88 goals, had 58 assists, and totaled 146 points, averaging nearly 50 points per season. Nick is the second Prep hockey player to turn professional, being drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins in round 4 (number 121 overall) in the 2009 player draft. Nick is currently on the roster of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins of the American Hockey League, and remains property of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins.

The O’Leary Era (2007 – 2010)

Sean O’Leary became Prep’s fourth varsity head coach, taking over the reins from Brian Maloney. Sean played NCAA hockey at Assumption, and was a member of the Prep varsity coaching staff prior to becoming head coach. Based on the foundation established over the course of many years, Prep hockey had now become a perennial contender in the IAC, MAPHL, and the Purple Puck, and was consistently ranked in the Washington Post’s top ten teams in the metro DC area.

Nick Bliss assisted Sean O’Leary in coaching the Prep team. Nick, a proud Bishop O’Connell graduate and founding member of O’Connell hockey, is also “home grown”, starring in youth travel hockey for the Tri-City Eagles and played a year of NCAA D-III lacrosse at Salve Regina in Newport, RI. The next time you are at Laurel Ice Gardens, take a walk into the feature rink and look at the board with all of the former Tri-City Eagle stars. You will find Nick’s name there!

2007-2008: Team Captain Henry Albers led the way for this edition of Prep hockey. Perhaps one of the most memorable outings for Prep was an away game v. Baltimore power Calvert Hall at the Mt. Pleasant arena. Trailing 2-1 with only half a period to go in the contest, Henry Albers drilled the game-tying goal that reversed the momentum of the game in a thrilling 3-2 upset over the Cardinals. Corey Walwaski starred in goal for the Hoyas, turning back the opposition over and over again. Talented junior CJ Sweigart didn’t lose a beat, centering the first line with freshmen wingers Justin Butler and Davey Chadwick. Junior John Kemp and Senior Jeb Billings kept the blueline secure for the Hoyas. Sniper Michael Marcus, scrappy winger Martin McNamara and center Henry Albers were key players on the team’s second line, contributing both scoring and strong defensive play. Sophomore wrecking crew Taylor Morgan starred on the blue line, rocking the opposition with ferocious body checks. Although the team was talented, the IAC was very good this year, with Bullis having a remarkably strong team, the best in recent memory. Prep finished the season 12-12-1, losing to Bullis in the IAC semi-finals. However, the big season highlight was defeating Bishop O’Connell 4-1 backed by a strong performance by Lee Banse in goal, and winning the Purple Puck Championship Banner for Prep. In that game as throughout the season, Prep was backstopped by goalie and senior assistant captain Lee Banse. Corey Walwaski was an Honorable Mention All-Met selection, and CJ Sweigart and Justin Butler were All-IAC selections.

2008-2009: The team finished the season with an impressive overall record of 14-6-1. The season had its highs and lows as the team vastly improved in many areas of the game. Multiple players stepped up to fill key roles that were vital to the overall success of the team, buoyed by the leadership of senior team Captain John Kemp. Prep hockey was consistently ranked by the Washington Post among the top five teams in the area throughout the season. The team also earned a spot in the MAPHL (Mid-Atlantic Prep Hockey League) playoffs.

In his two years as team manager, John Marcus re-defined the team manager role, communicating often and effectively with the team, seamlessly organizing team activities, and establishing the first-ever “manager’s book”.

The end of the season was tough as every game turned out to be very important for Prep in the overall standings and playoffs. After a big win over Landon at the midway point of the season, all Prep had to do to take home the regular season IAC championship was either to beat or tie Landon in the second league match-up. After a hard fought game against a skilled Landon team, the Hoyas escaped with a 3-3 tie. The following game against St. Stephens & St. Agnes was the last IAC regular season match up. Prep needed a victory in this game to clinch the number one seed in the playoffs. The team handily beat St. Stephens & St. Agnes 11-1, clinching the number one seed and celebrated the title of “IAC Champions”.

The next task for the team was the IAC tournament playoffs. St. Stephens & St. Agnes somehow managed to defeat St. Albans in the play-in game to gain access to the semi-finals versus Prep. The game proved to be another easy win as Prep came out of the game victorious, scoring in double digits yet again. Landon, on the other hand, had a rough time against Bullis in their semi-final game as they had to overcome a three-goal deficit and then win in a shootout. The championship game between Prep and Landon was exhilarating as expected, but Prep never led in the game before losing 5-4. Although Landon had won in the playoffs, Prep remained the IAC champions of the regular season. Prep and Landon were named IAC Co-Champions.

After gaining the title of “IAC Co-Champion”, Prep earned a spot in the MAPHL playoffs, comprised of the top private high school teams in the Baltimore-Washington area. The Hoyas were seeded 4th and were paired against Gonzaga in the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, Prep lost in a hard fought game which ended in an overtime period followed by a shootout. The Hoyas had three players achieve all-IAC honors in Justin Butler, Devin Drewyer, and CJ Sweigart. Butler and Sweigart also were named to the all-MAPHL team. All in all, it was a very successful year as the Prep hockey team continued to dominate in the IAC and remained a powerhouse in the Washington D.C. metro area.

2009-2010: Prep Hockey team completed their best-ever season this year, finishing with a combined pre-season and season total record of 19-4-3, capturing the IAC playoffs and becoming IAC co-champions, ranking as high as no. 2 in the metro area by the Washington Post, and finishing the season in the Mid-Atlantic Prep Hockey League (MAPHL) as a semi-finalist.

Some impressive team highlights that occurred this season included a first-ever victory over Mount St. Joseph, a resounding 5-0 victory over DeMatha, and a 2-2 tie against a strong Canadian team — Garden Valley — at the Purple Puck tournament. Most impressively, Prep skated to a come-from-behind overtime victory over Landon, 4-3, to clinch the IAC championship.

This year’s team was anchored by the play of junior left winger Justin Butler, who finished the season with 75 points (39 goals and 36 assists), leading all scorers in the IAC and the MAPHL. Senior Captain Devin Drewyer contributed strong leadership and finished second on the team in scoring with 49 points (31 goals and 18 assists). Senior Assistant Captain Pat Hall scored a number of key goals, including the thrilling OT game-winner vs. Landon in the IAC playoffs. Sophomore AJ Taylor had a breakout season, finishing fourth overall in scoring. Truculent forwards Geo Roux and Joey Brogan anchored the IAC’s finest penalty killing unit.

On the blue line, senior Assistant Captain Taylor “Caveman” Morgan was a wrecking ball, sending opponents reeling in each game played. Davey Chadwick made a switch early in the season from center to defense, and added an offensive flair to the position; finishing as the top scoring defenseman and tied with his brother, Freshman center Kyle Chadwick, for fifth in scoring overall on the team. Junior Scott Melby and Sophomore Michael McDonald firmly established themselves as hard-charging defensemen. Sophomore PJ McNamara was stellar in goal this year, with an 85.8% save percentage.

Individual player honors rolled in after the season. Selected to the All-IAC team were: Justin Butler, Davey Chadwick, and Devin Drewyer. Selected to the All-MAPHL team were: Justin Butler (also named MAPHL co-player of the year), Devin Drewyer, and PJ McNamara. The Washington Post named Justin Butler as first-team All Met, and Devin Drewyer as second team All-Met. Honorable mention All-Met honors were bestowed upon Pat Hall, PJ McNamara, Taylor Morgan, and AJ Taylor.

In the first round of the IAC playoffs, Prep put 46 shots on net, with 22 of them coming in the last stanza. Even so, Prep found itself trailing 2-0 with 1:48 left in the game. 4 seconds later, senior Pat Hall finally got Prep on the board, cutting the St. Albans lead to 2-1, with only 1:44 left in the contest. Only 20 seconds later, Pat Hall scored again to tie the game at 2-2. After the ensuing face-off, Taylor Morgan gained control of the puck in the St. Albans end, faked a shot, and passed to AJ Taylor, who hit the red light for the game-winning goal with .8 seconds remaining, catapulting the Hoyas into the IAC championship game vs. the arch-rival Landon Bears.

In the IAC championship game on Landon’s home rink, the arch-rival Bears jumped out to a 3-0 lead. In the third period with less than a minute into the play, Taylor Morgan scored on a rebound from Joe Brogan’s shot to close the Landon lead to 3-1. Just over a minute later, Senior Captain Devin Drewyer flew down the right wing and unleashed a laser-like shot that closed the Landon lead to 3-2. Less than 30 seconds later, junior defenseman Davey Chadwick shot the puck on goal, producing a juicy rebound that was pounced upon by sophomore AJ Taylor, who buried the puck, tying the score at 3-3. In the ensuing sudden-death overtime period, Devin Drewyer shot on goal, producing a rebound to Pat Hall, who scored with 1:45 remaining to win the game and the IAC playoffs for Prep.

In the subsequent MAPHL playoffs, Prep handily beat over-matched Spalding by a 9-2 score to advance to the semi-finals against the perennially strong Gonzaga Eagles. Gonzaga opened the scoring, but goals seven seconds apart by Justin Butler and Pat Hall gave Prep its first lead of the game, at 2-1. Gonzaga tied the game, but a goal by Devin Drewyer gave Prep its last lead of the game at 3-2. Gonzaga would score the next three goals to take a 5-3 lead. Late in the third period, Coach O’Leary pulled relief goalie Bruce Racine, and loaded the ice with a sixth attacker. The strategy paid off, as Taylor Morgan scored with 2:36 left in the period to close the score to 5-4. Without a goalie, but with the sixth attacker, Prep sent volley after volley of shots at the Gonzaga net. At one point, Pat Hall had apparently scored the tying goal with the opportunity to force the game into overtime, but the referee ruled that he had blown the whistle, and the apparent goal was disallowed. Time ran out on the Hoyas, but the team left it all on the ice, outshooting Gonzaga in the game, and in fact outshooting every team against which they played the entire season.

Prep Hockey 2009-2010 – IAC champions, MAPHL semi-finalist

2010-2011: The defending IAC co-champions had something to prove this season, as they found themselves in an IAC that may have been the strongest-ever across the board. Landon had geared-up with a very strong roster of Tier I players, Bullis was capable of upsetting anyone, St. Albans was greatly improved, and St. Stephens had re-tooled. To undertake the challenge, Coach O’Leary looked to gain maximum benefit of his five talented seniors: Justin Butler, Joey Brogan, team Captain Davey Chadwick, Scott Melby, and Geo Roux. Early on, Davey Chadwick was shifted from forward to defense for the majority of the season, anchoring perhaps the strongest blueline ever seen at Prep. Offensive firepower was provided by star forward Justin Butler, who had another stellar season, and by sophomore Kyle Chadwick (28G-12A-40pts). Two-way forwards Geo Roux, Joey Brogan, and Scott Melby kept the opposition in check while freeing up the offensive lanes for Prep. Michael McDonald, Lazar Zamurovic and Matt Billings patrolled the blueline. The team finished with an overall record of 16-6, finished as IAC finalists, MAPHL semi-finalists, and Purple Puck finalists. Prep hockey finished third overall in both The Washington Post and MAPHL rankings. Justin Butler earned first team all-MAPHL, first team All-Met, and first team All-Gazette honors, as well as his fourth straight All-IAC selection, and was selected as the All-MAPHL player of the year. Goalie PJ McNamara had an outstanding season, earning All Met honorable mention and All-Gazette Honorable mention. Davey Chadwick was selected All-Met Honorable mention, First team All-Gazette, and All-IAC for his efforts. His younger brother Kyle Chadwick was named All-IAC and All-Gazette.

Spotlight: Justin Butler Justin played in 86 games for Prep hockey over a four year varsity career, scoring an unbelievable 141 goals and dishing out 127 assists for an eye-popping four year scoring record of 268 points, an average of 67 points per season. To put into perspective Justin’s point totals, consider that his average season output of 67 points per season trumps even that of our two professionals, Kashirsky and Petersen — an amazing feat for a “home grown” Rockville native. In addition to these scoring accomplishments, Justin’s super-human feats on the ice resulted in numerous post-season awards. The Washington Post honored Justin by bestowing upon him All Met status for his last 3 years of play. The IAC selected him on the all-IAC team for 4 straight years. He was selected as first team All-Gazette for all 4 years, first team all-MAPHL his last three years, and he was selected his senior year as the All-MAPHL player of the year, bestowed upon the finest hockey player in the Washington and Baltimore areas. To top it off, Justin’s magical, Gretzy-like career has resulted in his becoming Prep Hockey’s all time leading scorer and equally incredibly, breaking the all-time points total for private school hockey players in the tri-state (MD-VA-DC) area. Kudos to Justin Butler, our Prep Hockey future Georgetown Prep Sports Hall of Famer!!