2014-2015 Prep Hockey Calendar

This is the current calendar for the 2014-2015 season. You can always access this Calendar by clicking on the “Schedules and Results” menu then “Schedules.” There are instructions at that location for synching to various mobile calendar apps, including iphone. The Calendar will be updated throughout the season.

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Celebration for Coach Robinson

Join Us To Celebrate Coach Robinson

As We Bid Him Farewell and Wish Him Luck In His Retirement From Georgetown Prep

Friday the 23rd of May at 4 pm

Hanley Center All Purpose Room

Players should arrive around 3:30pm to autograph a retired jersey that will be presented to Coach.   Please bring $20/family to cover refreshments and framing of the jersey.


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MAPHL Playoffs – Prep Trounces DeMatha 7-3

Game tonight against undefeated Gonzaga at 4pm at Ft Dupont

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IAC Playoffs – Landon Defeats Prep

Coming off of a huge OT win less than 24 hours prior, the Hoyas went into the IAC Championship Game with a new level of momentum.  Their opponent, Landon, gave the boys an additional level of energy as they sought revenge after a loss to the same team just a few days earlier.

Play began in front of a huge Prep student section as well as a group of Landon students.  The boys got off to a quick start thanks to the brutal play of Jack “The Jackhammer” Olson.  After getting control of the puck, freshman Max “The Rocket” Newnam passed the biscuit onto the tape of Jack’s stick who then carried the puck into the Landon zone.  With two defensemen in front, the Junior let one fly while falling to his back and miraculously managed to place the puck right past the Landon goalie.  Just 40 seconds into the context, the Hoyas gained a 1-0 lead.  The lead, however, was short lived as Landon struck back three times in the first bringing the score to 1-3 at intermission.

The Hoyas looked to turn things around in the second stanza.  Just one minute in, that change came for the boys in blue.  After Lazar “Serbian Machine” Zamurovic carried the puck into the zone,  the senior delivered a beauty of a pass to junior Jake “Bean” Neeb who finished off the play by putting the puck right where it belongs.  As the score moved within one, the Hoyas then had to take to the penalty kill.  Landon managed to capitalize on the powerplay with 11:35 remaining in the period.  With the score at 2-4, senior captain Cole “Dangle Snipe Celly” Taylor worked some magic.  The senior held the puck in the offensive zone on the powerplay and let a shot fly from right in front of the rowdy Prep student section.  Just as the puck hit twine, the senior showed the crowd where the “Celly” part comes from as he fired up the student section so much the glass nearly came out of the boards.  With 9:33 remaining in the period, Captain Cole brought the score to 3-4.  About 8 minutes later, the Hoyas moved the score to a tie.  As Jack “The Jackhammer” Olson led the rush, senior Lazar “Serbian machine” Zamurovic barreled down the ice to the front of  the net.  At just the right moment, with the senior wheeling at full speed, Olson unleashed a pinpoint pass in the perfect position for one of Lazar’s famous one-timers.  This beauty of a play brought the Hoyas and the Bears to a tie score at 4.  As all the offense was happening at the other end, junior netminder Barry “Brick Wall” Leese stood tall in net.  The junior made save after save fending off many Landon chances in front of the hostile Bears student section.  Despite his best efforts, Landon managed to put one more on the board before the period’s close bringing the score to 4-5 to end the period.

Coming into the third and final stanza, the boys faced a one-goal deficit.  After a fruitless powerplay chance early, play continued as usual including a monster hit by Jack “The Jackhammer” Olson, shaking up the Landon captain.  Despite spending minutes sprawled out on the ice, apparently the Landon player was well enough to play in his next shift, go figure.  With 8:29 remaining, the Hoyas took to the penalty kill.  Just seconds later, the other guys scored their sixth goal of the game.  The game concluded with a score of 4-7 after Landon scored another goal on an empty net opportunity.

Despite this loss, the boys as a whole played a “winning” game that just didn’t end in their favor.  Now, they look forward to the MAPHL tournament this coming week and a chance at redemption after Wednesday’s loss.  Hoya Saxa!

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IAC Playoffs – Varsity Beats St. Albans

The Hoyas started IAC playoffs Tuesday against the Bulldogs of St. Albans.  After defeating the DC private school by just one goal in the regular season, the boys came into this game determined to assert their dominance once again.  After a slow first period, the Hoyas, thanks to goals from a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior (not in that order), defeated the Bulldogs in a nail biting overtime period!

After puck drop on rink 3 at the Rockille Ice Arena, the two teams engaged in back and forth play free of any penalties.  With 4:34 remaining in the first, however, the bulldogs broke the silence and put one on the board.  The first period concluded with a 0-1 deficit for the Hoyas.

Starting into the second, play continued on rink 3.  Just a few minutes in, something quite unusual occurred.  As senior captain Cole “Dangle Snipe Celly” Taylor was carrying the puck around the back of the net manned by Barry “Brick Wall” Leese, a substantially large chunk of ice came off the rink onto the senior’s stick.  Due to the unsafe gaping hole in the ice, the authorities, and Coach Bliss, made the executive decision to move play over to rink 1.

This delay in play and change of rinks came as a changing of the tide in the Hoyas’ favor.  As play continued on the new rink,  St. Albans struck again scoring a fluke goal with 10:56 remaining in the second.  With the Hoyas now down by two, Lazar “Serbian Machine” Zamurovic powered the puck into the zone down along the boards.  The senior held the stick in one hand and fended off St. Albans defensemen with the other and stuffed the puck right into the goalie.  Unfortunately, the puck refused to cross the goal line, so Ryan “Bar Down” Howe showed off his aggressive side by jamming the puck under the goalie until finally it crossed, giving the boys their first of the game.  The score moved within one with 10:22 left in the period.  About seven minutes later, freshman Maurice “Max the Rocket” Newnam had a stellar two-goal shift.  For his first, the freshman received a pass from his contemporary Johnny Mac and showed off his soft hands and unbelievable stick skills by dangling around the goalie just outside the crease to slide one home.  Seconds later, “The Rocket” collected a pass from Johnny again and patiently wheeled through St. Albans defensemen until he let the puck fly at the perfect moment.  The Puck hit twine again for the freshman, concluding scoring for the period.  The buzzer rang with the Hoyas up 3-2.

With just one period left to play, the boys knew there was more work to be done.  Up by just one, Ryan “Howitzer” Holman helped bring the lead to two.  As Jake “Bean” Neeb skated the puck into the zone, he unleashed a whistling cross-ice pass onto the tape of Holman’s stick.  The junior sniped one to the far glove side right where mama keeps the cookies, for the Hoyas’ fourth of the game with 13:30 remaining in regulation.  Just seconds later, the boys took a tough penalty giving the other guys a man advantage.  St. Albans took advantage of the powerplay and brought the score to 4-3.  Four minutes later, the Bulldogs put another goal on the board, tying the game up at four. As regulation play concluded, the Hoyas and Bulldogs remained locked at four meriting a decisive overtime period.

As the five-minute overtime period began, both teams refused to let up for a second.  After a couple minutes of play and a shot on net for both teams, sophomore Jake Neeb carried the puck into the zone and desperately let a shot loose.  As the puck didn’t find twine, senior Ryan “Bar Down” Howe took hold of the rubber and carried it down low back behind the net searching for an opening to present itself. At just the right time, the senior threw the puck into the low slot onto the stick of Michael “Milkman” Melch, who sure knows how to deliver.  The sophomore took the shot and found the back of the net, finishing out a 5-4 victory for the boys and in turn guaranteeing a trip to the IAC Championship Game.


Last Game of Regular Season – Landon Defeats Prep



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After Slow Start, Prep Beats Mt. St. Joe’s Soundly, 4-1

Just one day after returning home from Pittsburgh, the boys hit the road again to the Laurel Ice Gardens to take on the Gaels of Mount Saint Joseph.  With goals from freshman phenom Johnny Mac Mulera, Lazar “Serbian Machine” Zamurovic, and Ryan “Bar Down” Howe, the Hoyas left Laurel with a dominant win.

The first period started with back and forth play on both sides.  The score stayed at zero apiece until, with just 4:50 remaining, freshman sensation Johnny “Supersonic Dangler” Mulera put one on the scoreboard for the good guys.  With a wide circle of Hoyas surrounding the Gaels net, junior Jake Neeb collected the puck off a juicy rebound right on the keeper’s blocker side.  The junior dropped the puck back onto the patiently waiting stick of the freshman who, calm, cool, and collected, ripped the rubber right on twine.  The freshman notched the Hoyas first goal of the night and the only one from the first period of play.

The second stanza again consisted of only one goal for the boys in blue.  Lazar “Serbian Machine” Zamurovic, just 3:45 into the period, put the Hoyas’ second goal on the board.  The senior assistant captain picked up the puck and wheeled in along the boards through Gael defensemen.  Next, the senior knocked a rocket backhand across the ice that slipped right in between the netminder’s legs.  The Serbian Machine gave the Hoyas a decisive two-goal lead.  The second period concluded scoreless for the other guys thanks to the exceptional play of junior goaltender Barry “Brick Wall” Leese.

Entering into the third and final period, the Hoyas refused to let up.  With 10:02 remaining in regulation, Lazar “Serbian Machine” Zamurovic notched his second goal of the night.  Similar to his goal just a period earlier, the senior carried the biscuit down low along the boards.  Next, as the Serbian Machine said himself, he “shanked a pass directed toward the front of the net” that just happened to find twine after sneaking right between the goalie’s pads.  Mount Saint Josephs, quiet so far, responded to the Hoyas’ third goal with one of their own.  The boys in blue still held on to a 3-1 lead.  With just 28 seconds on the clock, senior sniper Ryan”Bar Down” Howe wanted to ensure a win for the boys.  The senior barreled into the zone along the boards with the puck in the “chamber” of his weapon of choice.  With the puck loaded on his stick, the sniper let it fly to the far blocker side as it hit right on the lower half of the crossbar.  With a ring, the puck ricocheted right in the bucket as the senior put up the Hoyas’ fourth and final goal of the night.

After forty-five minutes of play, the Hoyas finished the night with a commanding 4-1 victory over the Gaels of Mount Saint Joseph.  The boys look forward to just one game this week against IAC and school rival Landon on Friday at 6:15 p.m. in the friendly confines of Cabin John.  Follow @GPrepHockey on twitter for live tweets and updates.  Hoya Saxa!

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Varsity Travels to Pittsburgh for the Steel Cup

Prep versus Pittsburgh Predators (first game):

Prep versus Cincinnati:

Prep versus Arizona:

Prep versus Pittsburgh Predators (last game):

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V2 versus Gonzaga

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After Slow Start, Varsity Trounces Bullis 7-2


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On Senior Night, Varsity Defeats St. Albans 4-3

The phrase “Senior Night” applied in various ways on Friday as the Hoyas outlasted St. Albans thanks to a strong showing from the senior class.  With two goals from senior defenseman Lazar Zamurovic, a beauty from freshman forward Johnny Mac Mulera, and a final snipe from senior Captain Cole Taylor, the Hoyas concluded Senior Night with a victory!

After a ceremony to honor the four-year contributions of the senior class, play started with an all senior starting lineup comprised of forwards Cole Taylor, Ryan Howe and Grady Shook, and a defensive pairing of Lazar Zamurovic and Matt Billings.  The veterans came through just forty five seconds into the contest.  Grady “Bruiser” Shook started the sequence as he carried the puck down low and dropped it back onto the waiting stick of Lazar “Serbian Machine” Zamurovic.  The Machine finished the play with a backhand laser right past the St. Albans goaltender.  At the 8:41 mark, the Hoyas took a tough penalty that resulted in a St. Albans goal with 7:20 remaining in the period.  The first stanza concluded tied up at one goal apiece.

The second period started with even strength play.  However, just a minute in, the Hoyas took another penalty resulting in a St. Albans power play goal.  Seniors Matt Billings and Lazar Zamurovic refused to settle for a deficit on the scoreboard.  The two connected down low in front of the St. Albans net as the Serbian Machine passed the puck across onto the tape of Matt “The Man” Billings who rocketed a shot off the pads of the St. Albans goalie.  The Serbian Machine took advantage of the juicy rebound that followed and dunked the puck right into the back of the net.  As the score came to a tie at two, freshman phenom John Mac Mulera, the “Supersonic Dangler,” continued the Prep scoring.  The Dangler received a pass from junior Jin Kim and barreled into the zone with St. Albans defensemen hot on his heels.  The freshman zoomed by a rowdy Prep student section and cut across the ice stringing together a series of “Johnny’s special dangles” to finish it off with a beauty rip top cheddar just above the St. Albans goalie’s blocker.  With a lead of one, the scoring continued for the Hoyas seconds later.  Cole “Dangle Snipe Celly” Taylor picked up the puck in the corner while weaving his way through the offensive zone.  The senior forced his way through traffic for a stuff attempt that resulted in a scandalous rebound for the sniper.  When he collected the puck off the rebound, the Captain launched the puck right where it belongs to notch the fourth of the night for the good guys.  St. Albans responded to the Hoyas goal bringing the score to 4-3 to end the period.

The third and final act consisted of chippy back and forth play by both the Hoyas and the Bulldogs.  The boys found themselves on the short side of many calls and whistles blown by the refs.  However, they stood strong until the end thanks to the stonewall play of junior goalie Barry “Brick Wall” Leese.  In addition to multiple penalties and all around chippy play, junior Jack “The Jackhammer” Olson delivered a bone crushing hit on a very unlucky St. Albans forward.  After a few more penalties for the boys, the game concluded as a W for the Hoyas.

The Hoyas look forward to another eventful week with two games against Churchill and Bullis.  To finish it off, they will be journeying to Pittsburgh on Friday to play in the Steel City Hockey Tournament.  Follow @GPrepHockey on twitter for live tweets and updates on all Prep Hockey related matters.  Hoya Saxa!

highlight video courtesy of Rad Zamurovic

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